COVID-19 Update: All sessions are taking place via telehealth. You may be a good fit for my practice if you are seeking therapy for trauma or pregnancy/postpartum-related mental health concerns.



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I'm a licensed psychologist based in Center City Philadelphia, specializing in the treatment of trauma, anxiety, and reproductive psychology (infertility, loss, prenatal and postpartum mood concerns).



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There are experiences in life that are so upsetting that they overwhelm our ability to cope. Trauma is the "invisible wound" left behind by these experiences, such as: physical, sexual, or emotional abuse; accidents; sudden/unexpected loss; life-threatening illness/injury (self or loved one). Trauma can be a big life-changing event or it can be insidious, occurring over the course of many years (such as in emotional neglect/abuse). Whether your trauma occurred recently or years ago, healing is possible. You can reclaim your life.


The journey to become a parent can include unexpected challenges, including infertility; pregnancy loss; psychological distress during pregnancy; traumatic childbirth; postpartum adjustment and distress (anxiety, depression, PTSD). A sensitive, trauma-informed, cognitive-behavioral approach can help you process your experience and feel like yourself again.

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Most people worry or feel anxious from time to time, but sometimes our anxiety takes on a life of its own, disrupting ours in the process. Do you feel like your worrying is out of control, or like you're always on edge? Anxiety is exhausting - it zaps your energy and your enjoyment of life. The good news is that treatment can help; you can learn strategies to manage your anxiety and be more present in your own life.


Depression can descend without warning, leaving you feeling sad, disconnected, and insecure. If you're struggling with low mood, energy, and motivation, even basic tasks can feel difficult. You might be feeling helpless, hopeless, or worthless. You might blame yourself for feeling so bad. You don't need to suffer this way. Depression is very treatable. Therapy can help you step back from the harsh, critical voice in your head and begin to live again.